Al Gambero restaurant offers fresh fish specialties and typical Ligurian dishes accompanied by wonderful wines of our land such as Vermentino, Pigato and Ormeasco.

The restaurant offers, in addition to fish tasting, a menu for celiacs, in fact Chef Davide prepares tasty recipes of gluten-free cuisine based on fish or meat.

Other peculiarities of the restaurant are the owners Omar and Davide who with their warmth and friendliness will make you feel at home as well as the place is wrapped in two air-conditioned rooms with private parking and sea view.

Villa Thomas is proud to be their partner for two reasons: the quality and professionalism of the staff.


This fruit and vegetables store include the covered market (400 m2) and the local Km 0 general store. Alessandro Veglio is the owner and have experience for over 35 years in the world of fruit and vegetables.
The place is located in the area of Porto Maurizio 10 minutes walk from Villa Thomas.

Guests will find a wide selection of local products ready to be cooked on their tables where quality will be the key word for their recipes.


Borgo Marina is a diving center born from the passion and desire of Alessandro and other divers to discover the beautiful depths of the Ligurian Riviera.

Borgo Marina Diving is located in the heart of Borgo Marina, a suggestive corner of Imperia, immersed among fishermen’s shops, typical restaurants at walking distance from the bathing establishments and the tourist port.

The center is equipped with:

– didactic classroom with audiovisual supports for specialization courses

– air and nitrox charging station

-30 meter 30-meter joker boat (Evinrude E-Tec300 motorized)

For all guests who want to dive in a different world, they will find an ally in this Partner to spend unforgettable moments


Since 1827 the Mela’s Family has been producing olive oil, a wonderful fruit typical of this lush land.

From the Taggiasca olive comes a small fruit from which a sweet and delicate oil is obtained where a single word unites all these elements: quality.

The Taggiasca olive was introduced in the 1600s by the Benedictine monks spreading it throughout the Western Liguria and it is thanks to them that today this crop is known throughout the world.

The Mela family is synonymous with 3 words: quality, professionalism, dedication and they all belong to the daughters Serena and Cristiana who daily strive to improve and guarantee to their customers that has been handed over the years.


Modern and elegant restaurant for over 30 years situated in Borgo Marina surrounded in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere where you can taste unique recipes of the Chef Ivano.

The menu offers a selection of typical local dishes and some house specialties, the result of a careful selection of ingredients at Km 0.

We chose Osteria dai Pippi for the quality of the food, the care and professionalism of the staff, if you try this restaurant you will come back.


In addition to the giropizza ideal for families and groups, Pizza Infinity offers a wide choice that ranges from earthen dishes to fish. The restaurant is located on the port of Oneglia and has two rooms, an indoor air-conditioned and an outdoor sea front.

The service is fast and genuine, the strength of Pizza Infinity is the bugjet price where you can have lunch or dinner in abundance in a renovated and modern location. Claudio the owner is always smiling and he will make you feel at home.


The tennis restaurant is open to all guests who want to taste typical dishes prepared with natural ingredients and at Km 0.

The menu includes a variety of Ligurian appetizers, first and second courses based on fish and meat.

For lovers of the genre, try the Ligurian-style stockfish, homemade ravioli and the Chianina burger.

Chef Franco and his son Maurizio carefully follow both the freshly created dishes and their guests, the menu is served in a quiet green area that offers the Imperia Tennis Club a few steps from the tourist port.


Saponificio Fratelli Risso was born in Imperia in 1946 where a family of great ethical and professional values started with a soap industry where the key word is craftsmanship.

Since the mid-70s the first lines of soap have been created and still today, due to fifty years of experience, they produce natural and genuine soaps obtained exclusively from the saponification of pure vegetable oils.

The ingredients strictly of natural origin, are carefully selected to enrich each soap giving it unique and peculiar characteristics.

We chose Saponificio Fratelli Risso for:

– the high standard of the products chosen from the best raw materials available on the market

– the safety of products that do not contain allergens

– no animal testing

-respect for the environment

-professionalism and seriousness of the owners

Guests who will use these products will agree with our choice.